Your Son Glued His Hand To His Dick – S1:E9


Cassie Del Isla and Crystal Clark are sharing coffee and gossip as their stepsons put together model airplanes in the background. The girls decide to have a barbecue together, but they have to clear it with their sons first. Going over to where Joshua Lewis and Nick Strokes are seated, the moms come up behind them. Nick’s mom, Cassie, has her tits right in front of Joshua’s face. He can’t help but slide his hand down his pants. When the moms take off, Nick calls Joshua out on it.Later, the Joshua is fantasizing about his friend’s mom as he works on a model. Without realizing what he’s doing, he glues his hand to his dick. Cassie walks in on Joshua as he’s trying to get free and offers to help him out. When Crystal and Nick catch the two of them in action, she gets pissed enough to grab Nick and get on her knees to suck his dick. Not to be outdone, Cassie pulls Joshua into the living room. In his surprise, Joshua manages to free his hand, which means Cassie can suck it.The guys decide to just go with it as their moms swap sons for some good fuck. Crystal gets on her knees so Nick can do her in doggy, Meanwhile, Cassie sits Joshua down and rides him in reverse cowgirl with her big boobies jiggling. Rolling onto her back, Crystal takes the D in missionary while Cassie gets it in doggy. Then Crystal hops onto Joshua’s hardon to ride him in reverse cowgirl while Cassie spreads her thighs on her back. Pulling out, Nick blows his load on Crystal’s trimmed mound while Joshua nuts on Cassie’s belly. They all agree to do it again sometime.

Date: July 9, 2024

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