You Be The Judge – S3:E9


Ivi Rein and Tiffany Tatum are having some girl gossip in the kitchen. They both agree they’re into older guys. Ivi uses Tiffany’s judge stepfather, Renato, as an example of a guy she’s into. When Renato walks in on them, they make him uncomfortable by continuing to talk dirty until he leaves. Later, dressed in short skirts and hot thongs, the girls wait for Renato to come home. When he does, they pounce on him. Ivi climbs beneath Renato’s coat while Tiffany drops kisses on his face. Renato puts up some token resistance, but with Ivi sucking his dick and Tiffany kissing and pawing at him, he quickly relents. Renato’s reward is two girls blowing him together while taking turns sucking his balls.When Ivi and Tiffany get on their knees on the couch and flip up those miniskirts, Renato knows just what to do. He dips into Tiffany’s velvet glove first as Ivi caresses and kisses her friend. Then Renato gives Ivi the same treatment. The girls suck their own goo from the D and then Tiffany climbs aboard to ride in reverse cowgirl. Ivi gets to take it on in cowgirl while Renato sucks Tiffany’s toes and Ivi eats her BFF out. Tiffany enjoys one final dicking down as she lays on her side and laps up Ivi’s juices. They finish their threesome with Ivi on her back and Tiffany riding Ivi’s face. The position lets Tiffany lean forward to take a mouthful of cum so she can swap it with Ivi and play with their salty treat.

Date: July 9, 2024

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