Why Are Both Of You Naked – S6:E3


What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Oliver Flynn and Scarlett Hampton won’t stop arguing. Their swap parents, Summer Hart and Dorian Del Isla know they have to do something. They take the kids’ phones and tell the swap siblings that they have to clean the house up. If the house is clean when the swap parents get home, they’ll give the phones back.Scarlett and Oliver pout for a while, but they eventually start cleaning up. Scarlett gets her clothes messy, which causes her to flip out. When Oliver suggests that she clean naked, she tells him that she will if he gets naked, too. When Summer and Dorian return home, they find Scarlett totally nude and Oliver down to his boxer briefs. Summer drags the whole swap family for a serious talk, but sitting down means Oliver can’t hide his boner any more. Dorian has some serious chub going on, too, which just upsets Summer and titillates Scarlett.Scarlett can’t wait another moment. She pops both erections out to enjoy, which prompts Summer to indulge, too. Scarlett goes down to suck Oliver off, so Summer gives head to Dorian. The girls wind up both naked on their knees facing each other as their partners do them in doggy. Then they swap so that Scarlett can ride Dorian’s hardon in reverse cowgirl while Summer gives it to Oliver in cowgirl. On their backs with their original partners, the ladies moan long and loud as they each enjoy one last go with the D, ending with Oliver giving Scarlett a creampie and Summer getting the same from Dorian. The release of the tension means the swap family should enjoy some better relations with one another!

Date: July 9, 2024

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