Whose Dick Is Biggest – S3:E8


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Andi Rose wants to know whose dick is bigger: Her swap brother, Codey Steele, or her swap dad, Brock Cooper. She gets the party started during a family meal by talking about wanting big juicy sausages for dinner. Everyone, including her swap mom, Reagan Foxx, knows what Andi is doing. Reagan shuts it down, but Andi isn’t dissuaded. She waits until Brock and Codey are sitting on the couch together and then plops herself between them. After scolding the boys that Reagan is totally doing their laundry, Andi tells them they should strip down and do their own. She also throws in that she wants to measure to see which of their dicks is bigger, both soft and hard. Brock attempts to tell Andi no, but Andi just tugs her shirt up and takes one hand from each guy to put it on her boob. What’s a hotblooded man supposed to do but enjoy that?Reagan walks out of the laundry room and scolds the swap family for not taking this seriously. She punishes them by insisting they give her their clothes so she can wash them. Now. When both boys are naked, Andi can’t help herself. She gets on her knees and starts stroking Brock off. Reagan is pissed, but Andi takes her swap mom’s hand and puts it on Codey’s hardon and suddenly Reagan understands what Andi is getting on about. It’s only natural that both girls immediately settle into stroking and enthusiastically blowing their chosen dick. Once they’ve all committed, this swap family can’t accept anything less than a full blown orgy!The guys take a seat on the couch so that Reagan can mount Codey’s hardon and Andi can mirror her swap mom on Brock’s cock. The position lets the boys roam their partners’ figures from tits to bottom with their hands as the girls bounce away. When Andi and Reagan swap partners, they go to town in cowgirl. Then they get the boys on their feet so they can lay on their backs with Brock banging Reagan and Codey giving it to Andi. The girls go back to their original partners so that Brock can fuck Andi to one last orgasm while Codey does the same for Reagan. The guys can’t hold back another moment; Brock delivers the first creampie deep into Andi’s snatch while Codey quickly follows suit for Reagan. The girls lick the cum off each other’s fingers as they all come down from their lusty encounter.

Date: July 9, 2024

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