The Exchange Student Unexpected Encounter – S2:E5


Reagan Foxx is sick of her daughter Addison Lee having all the fun. She overhears Addison chatting on the phone about the Spanish exchange student their family is housing, Juan Loco. Reagan decides she wants some of that action, so she grabs a sombrero in the mistaken belief that Juan is from Mexico and approaches him in the living room. She uses the hat as an opportunity to get close to Juan, and once her hands are on him he is happy to let her have her way.Pulling Juan’s stiffie out of his pants, Reagan proves that she’s perfected making magic with her mouth. Her blowjob is even better when she whips her big boobs out of her dress so she can stroke them as she keeps on sucking. Juan clearly likes the view, even more so as Reagan leans back and hikes up her miniskirt so he can see her sheer panties. Reagan doesn’t leave Juan waiting for long before she peels off her underwear and sits him down on the couch so she can shove her jugs in his face while riding his fuck stick.Once Reagan has had enough of being in charge, she decides to put Juan through his paces by rolling onto her back so he can show her what he’s got. With one ankle hanging over the couch to open herself up, Reagan enjoys Juan’s thrusting hips while instructing him on how to make her even hotter. Then she gets on her hands and knees so he can pound away at that greedy fuck hole. She finishes her romp by blowing Juan’s dick until he pops his load in her hair! They’ve just finished getting dressed when Reagan’s husband, Filthy Rich, joins them in the room. He spies Juan’s cum in his wife’s hair and assumes it’s a new hair gel, which he takes to put on his own head.

Date: July 9, 2024

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