The Easter Swap – S5:E1


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, swap mom Caitlin Bell and her swap daughter Scarlet Skies want to have a swap family Easter. Upsettingly, Juan Loco and his swap dad Clark Kent refuse to take it seriously. The girls have to rescue their Easter eggs from becoming impromptu footballs as the guys screw around. Caitlin tries to get the boys to cut it out, but they refuse. Eventually, Scarlet tells her swap mom that she has an idea and to come with her.When the girls return, they’re both decked out in hot little Easter getups complete with super short skirts that show plenty of pussy. Now that the girls are assured she has the attention of Juan and Clark, they try once again to get them to get into the Easter spirit. Clark stands strong, saying the girls can’t bribe him with sex, but Juan isn’t about to say no to a chance to tap that. Scarlet and Caitlin sweeten the pot by indulging in a lesbian makeout session in front of the boys, then getting on their knees so they can work together to blow Juan’s hardon. Caitlin even shoves those boobs together for a titty fuck! When Clark sees how hot that threesome is, he can’t help but want to get in on the action.Caitlin is already on her hands and knees fucking Juan, so Clark takes the opportunity to just shove his cock right in to bang her in doggy. That looks fun, so Scarlet gets on her knees so Juan can give her the same treatment! Flipping onto her back, Scarlet spreads herself wide open for her swap brother to keep doing her. Caitlin turns around on her knees to suck Clark off, which puts her pussy right in the perfect position for Scarlet to feast upon as Juan continues to give it to her. The girls swap partners so Caitlin can ride Juan in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet gives Clark a cowgirl stiffie ride. Juan is the first to pop, glutting his swap mama with a creampie. A moment later, Clark gives Scarlet a creampie of her very own. Caitlin dredges her fingers through the cum dripping from her own pussy and then licks Clark’s cock clean to share a double jizz flavored kiss with Scarlet.

Date: July 9, 2024

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