That 70s Ho Fez In The Middle – S2:E12


Fez finds Eric’s jizz cookies from a previous episode and is enjoying them when Laurie walks in. She lets Fez know what he’s eating, then laughs at his horror. Laurie decides to bang Fez again to make it up to him. Dragging him to the bedroom, she tosses Fez on the bed and whips out his fuck stick. Then she leans over the bed so Fez can bang her from behind. Rolling over, Laurie is in the process of bringing Fez to the brink when they hear Kitty calling her. Laurie leaves Fez and his hardon in her bedroom.Jackie walks in on Fez while he’s waiting for Laurie and is overcome by the need to suck his big dick. Fez’s dreams are coming true as Jackie deep throats him but before they can move on to fucking Jackie tells him she’ll be right back and runs off. Laurie returns, peeling off her clothes so they can pick up where they left off. That’s how Jackie finds them when they return, with Fez buried balls deep in Laurie.Jackie is pissed off right up until Laurie suggests that if Jackie really wants to get back at Michael the girls should fuck Fez together. Next thing Fez knows, he’s swept up in a threesome with two cock craving coeds. He finally gets to sink his dick into Jackie’s greedy twat, but he has plenty in the tank for Laurie’s pleasure, too. As the girls lay in a 69 with Jackie on top, Fez pops his load onto Jackie’s ass where it can drip into Laurie’s waiting mouth. The girls barely give Fez time to recover before asking if he’s in for another round.

Date: July 9, 2024

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