That 70s Ho Cookies And Cream – S1:E7


Eric and Donna are studying in the living room as Kitty hangs out in the kitchen making cookies. Kitty keeps helpfully interrupting the kids, which annoys Eric. Donna decides to help him feel better by accidentally dropping her pen and ducking under the table to undo his pants and pull out his dick to start stroking. Soon enough, Eric has Donna’s lips wrapped around his hardon as she sucks him off. They back off of each other when Kitty returns to the room to give Donna some water for her throat, but as soon as she leaves again Eric drops to his knees to feast on that redhead pussy!Eric is a maniac with his tongue, but Donna wants something a little harder. She gets to her feet so Eric can sit in her chair. Then she hikes up her miniskirt and pulls her panties aside so she can ride his dick as Eric jiggles her big jugs. The horny couple tries to keep it quiet as Donna bounces up and down on Eric’s fuck stick, but they’re caught in the act when Fez and Hyde walk in.Kitty brings out cookies for the kids to enjoy, but Eric and Donna chase them away so Donna can finish. She turns around on Eric’s fuck stick, sticking her tits in his face as she goes to work on his dick. Fez sneaks back into the room to creep on his friends and grab a treat, but that doesn’t stop the two randy lovers. Instead, Donna bends over the table to get one last climax. As Eric about to give Donna the facial she needs, Kitty walks in on them and startles Eric into jizzing on the cookies. Donna doesn’t mind; she grabs a cookie and eats it much to Kitty’s horror.

Date: July 9, 2024

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