Swap Family Values – S2:E7


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Jane Rogers enjoys acting up. She wears short skirts and lets them hike up to reveal her panties. She eats provocative foods. She dresses in skanky clothes. She goes out of her way to tease her swap brother, Rion King. Eventually, Jane’s swap parents, Steve Holmes and Kylie Le Beau, try to sit Jane down for a swap family discussion about her behavior.Jane reacts by stroking Rion’s cock through his pants until he’s hard and then popping his dick out to suck it right in front of their swap parents. When Steve tries to talk to her, Jane flashes her titties with their hard nipples and then tugs her panties aside so Steve can feel how wet her twat is. Kylie has had enough of watching her swap daughter try to be the queen bitch. She tells Jane to move aside so she can show Jane how a real woman satisfies her men. Then she sits between Steve and Rion and gives them both a handie at the same time. Getting on her knees, Kylie invites Steve to stick it in and show the swap kids how it’s done.Jane and Rion aren’t about to be outperformed, so Rion starts banging Jane from behind. Now that the family has decided to taste each other, they hold nothing back. Kylie and Steve enjoy some spooning sex as Jane rides Rion’s fuck stick. Then the girls swap partners so Jane can enjoy Steve’s charms while Kyle moans her way through a climax courtesy of Rion’s dick. Rion can’t help but pull out and cum on his swap mommy’s belly. Moments later, Steve gluts Jane with a creampie that Jane licks clean from her swap daughter’s juicy snatch.

Date: July 9, 2024

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