Swap Daughter Gets Stuck – S7:E4


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Aria Valencia is doing laundry. She takes a break by sitting in the basket and gets stuck. When her swap brother Juan Loco comes to see what the ruckus is, Aria offers to suck his dick whenever he wants for the rest of the swap if he helps her get out. She makes good immediately, deep throating Juan’s hardon right from the basket.When swap dad Ken Feels walks in on the swap sibs, Aria immediately offers to suck him off too if he helps her get free. Soon enough she’s manning both erections like a pro. Cory Chase eventually finds the rest of her swap family. Grabbing both guys by the cocks, Cory, tells them that if the two of them are going to fuck something it had better be her. Dropping to her knees, she tag teams the D and pops her titties from her shirt so the boys can grab them.Getting to her feet, Cory tells the guys that one of them needs to fuck her right now. She leans forward so Ken can do her in doggy while Aria resumes sucking Juan. Eventually Aria goes for the titties jiggling above her while Cory slurps at Juan’s dick. Aria wants to get in on the fun, so Cory instructs Juan to take her to bed and Ken to free his swap daughter. Juan rolls Cory to her back so he can fuck her as Aria takes a doggy pussy pounding from Ken. Swapping partners, Aria rides Juan in reverse cowgirl and Cory gives Ken a full frontal show in cowgirl. As Aria spreads her thighs for Ken, Juan deposits a nice creampie into Cory’s pussy. Ken follows suit, creaming in Aria’s fuck hole to leave the whole swap family satisfied.

Date: July 9, 2024

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