Swap Dad Came Into My Room Last Night – S1:E9


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Kylie Rocket comes to tell her swap mom, Kenzie Taylor, that she has a secret: Her swap dad, Charles Dera, came into her room last night and touched her! Although she knows it was wrong, Kylie shares that she liked it. Kenzie is still upset, but she bides her time until Charles gets home. When he does, he finds the girls in the living room with Kenzie dressed up nice and sexy. Swap daddy is liking what he sees until he realizes that Kenzie is confronting him about his bad behavior.As soon as Kylie is done describing what happened, Kenzie insists that Charles whip his cock out. It’s time for mommy to show her swap daughter some new tricks. After guiding Kylie through a nice deep throat BJ, Kenzie takes a turn of her own. Kenzie instructs Kylie to peel off her shorts and panties and hand them to Charles. Charles sniffs them, then captures Kylie’s lips in a kiss as his hands explore his swap daughter’s tender titties. While Charles is working Kylie’s upper half, Kenzie is busy eating her swap daughter out.Next, Kenzie helps Kylie up onto Charles’s hardon so that she can ride his man meat. Kenzie isn’t about to let Kylie have all the fun. She keeps up her pussy buffet, but she does it on her hands and knees while Charles bangs her from behind. Next, Kenzie instructs Kylie to lay on her back with her knees on her shoulders so that her pussy is wide open for Charles to get acrobatic with as they fuck. Kylie’s reward for her flexibility is a ride on daddy’s ding dong. When Kylie switches her ride to mama’s mouth and then eventually to her own fingers, Charles is happy to wet his dick in Kenzie’s pussy. As soon as Kylie has brought herself off, she leans forward to help Kenzie cum. Then the girls encourage Charles to cum, which he pulls out to do. Blowing his load all over Kenzie’s hairy muff, Charles lets Kylie suck him dry and then snowball the treat with mom. They agree to make it a regular family event.

Date: July 9, 2024

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