Stepsister Loves Cum – S2:E2


Leana Lovings and Katie Kush are snapping selfies when Leana’s stepbrother, Codey Steele walks in on them. He can see Leana and Katie groping each other for the camera, but plays it off by asking where the toothpaste is. Leana tells Codey it’s in the bathroom before she remembers that she put a toy on the toothpaste to make it squirt like cum. She walks in just in time for Codey to squirt the toothpaste all over her face. Leana is instantly turned on, but Katie coming into the bathroom interrupts her from pulling down her shirt.The trio relocates to the bedroom where Leana apologizes to Katie and Codey. She admits to having a fetish about having cum on her face and playing with it. To Katie’s surprise, Codey tells Leana that she can have the real thing. She dives right in, sucking her stepbrother’s cock nice and deep as she grasps the root. Katie watches for the first few minutes, getting increasingly handsy as she begins to masturbate to the super hot sight. When Leana moves in to ride Codey in reverse cowgirl, Katie finally gets in on the action to turn it into a threesome.Getting on her knees, Katie sucks Leana’s girl goo from Codey’s fuck stick. Then she climbs aboard for a cowgirl rid as Leana rubs her ass. Leana gets another go with the D as Codey lays her down and slides back home. Katie doubles down on Leana’s delight by suckling her nipples. The girls swap places, giving Katie the opportunity to cum one last time. As Codey gets nice and close to cumming, the girls lay him down and work together to blow his cock. He delivers a mouthful of salty heat to Leana, who snowballs it back with Katie as they get nice and sloppy with the jizz. The girls swear they won’t tell anyone as long as Codey fucks them again tomorrow.

Date: July 9, 2024

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