Stepsis And Her Hot Best Friend Devour Me – S4:E7


Tiffany Tatum has told her best friend Simon Kitty that she got with her stepbrother Alex Spitter! They corner Alex and insist that he show Simon his dick. Just as Tiffany slides beneath the table to pull it out for Alex, her stepdad Steve joins them at the table. Simon and Alex cover for Tiffany when Steve asks where she is.As Tiffany gets going stroking and sucking Alex off, he tries to hold the moan and talk to his dad at the same time. Once Steve takes off, the girls double team Alex’s hardon as Simon gets a good taste of that big dick. She wants so much more, so they retire to the living room couch where Simon gets to take the first ride on that fine fuck stick in reverse cowgirl.Tiffany rides in cowgirl while leaning forward to eat Simon out. Then Tiffany climbs on top of Simon’s face so she can get her pussy licked as Simon gets her pussy pounded by Alex. Getting on her knees, Tiffany takes it in doggy as she feasts on Simon’s snatch. Mutually satisfied, the girls suck Alex off until he gives them a nice cum shot to snowball and play with.

Date: July 9, 2024

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