Stepsis And Her Friend Swap My Snowball – S1:E1


Penelope Kay and her friend Anna Claire Clouds are getting ready to go on a ski trip. When they strut into the living room in their matching outfits, Anna Claire’s stepbrother, Alex Mack, mocks their choice of clothing. The girls disappear and try again with somewhat more appropriate clothing, but Alex still isn’t satisfied. When he tells them to try again, Penelope whispers an idea to Anna Claire. They disappear once again to change, but this time they take their time. Just as Alex is starting to wonder where they went, the girls reappear in just their hats, gloves, and bras and panties. They share a kiss, at which point Alex admits they look really hot.Pushing Alex onto the couch, the girls offer to take off their lingerie. Anna Claire tells Alex that she knows he wants to fuck them, but maybe he doesn’t have the balls. As Alex watches, dumbfounded, the girls continue their tease. Anna Claire pops Penelope’s lovely big boobs out of her bra to offer her stepbro a taste and to lap at the nipples. Penelope offers Anna Claire’s breasts the same treatment. Turning around, the girls peel off their underwear and show off those asses for Alex’s benefit. He, of course, runs his tongue up each of those pretty pink twats to enjoy their musky juices. Satisfied that Alex is willing to play their game properly, the girls lead him back to the bedroom for a true three way.Getting Alex settled in bed, the girls settle at his waist and go to work on his behalf. They can’t get enough of sucking Alex off together! Penelope helps Anna Claire get ready for the first stiffie ride. Once her BFF is cozy, Penelope lies down beside Alex so Anna Claire can lean forward and eat her out even as Anna Claire’s hips keep moving on Alex’s fuck stick. The girls swap out, with Penelope climbing aboard to ride Alex in reverse cowgirl and Anna Claire riding Alex’s tongue. Penelope gets on her knees so Alex can do her from behind while she feasts on Anna Claire’s snatch yet again. Anna Claire gets on her back so Alex can give it to her until he’s about to pop while Penelope rides her face. When Alex can’t hold back another moment, he delivers a cum shot to Penelope for the girls to snowball and play with.

Date: July 9, 2024

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