Sabrina Grows Up Sexual Magic – S3:E2


It’s nice having a girlfriend who’s a witch, as Harvey learns one hot and heavy Halloween! He’s in the living room getting hot and heavy with Sabrina as things get creepy outside. Harvey’s hands down her panties just get Sabrina all warmed up for a pussy party despite her misgivings about noises she’s hearing. She lets Harvey convince her that everything is okay, then gets on her knees to give him a lusty BJ. Freeing her tits from her sweater, Sabrina rubs them down as Harvey lays her back and buries his face between her thighs.As things keep on heating up, Harvey whips it out and shoves his dick balls deep in Sabrina’s twat. She rolls onto her hands and knees, spreading her thighs so Harvey can take her deep from behind. Their doggy style romp is wonderful, but they want to keep exploring new positions so Sabrina climbs into Harvey’s lap and rides his fuck stick as he guides her motions with his hands on her hips.Sabrina reaches her climax, but Harvey still hasn’t made it. She lays on her stomach with her mouth open and her hand working overtime to make sure that Harvey orgasms. He has just finished when Sabrina zaps him with her magic to protect him from a zombie that is peeking into the window.

Date: July 9, 2024

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