Playing With My Stepbrother – S3:E5


Ivi Rein and Lovita Fate are flirting in the kitchen. Ivi throws yogurt onto Lovita’s face, and Lovita responds by capturing Ivi’s lips in a kiss. Things are just heating up when Sam Bourne, Lovita’s stepbrother, comes home from work. The girls pull apart, but Ivi can’t help but notice how hot Sam is. She whispers into Lovita’s ear that they should seduce him, and after a moment Lovita agrees.The girls run to get changed into lingerie bras and thongs that really highlight their curves. Just as Sam is relaxing from work, they pounce on him. He doesn’t put up much resistance once Ivi leans in and starts kissing him. Sam’s cock is nice and hard by the time Ivi pops it out of his jeans to deliver a hand job. Watching, Lovita masturbates as Ivi sucks Sam off and then loses the thong so she can mount Sam’s hardon in cowgirl.Finally Lovita can’t stand being left out anymore. She joins Ivi in licking Ivi’s juices from Sam’s shaft, then helps Ivi climb back atop Sam in reverse cowgirl. When it’s finally Lovita’s turn for a cowgirl ride, she muffles her moans in Ivi’s pussy. Getting on her knees, Ivi feasts on Lovita’s snatch as Sam drives into her from behind. Then Lovita gets on her knees with Sam doing her in doggy as Ivi lays beneath her and suckles her nipples. That creates a double stack for Sam to dip into as he enjoys both Lovita and Ivi in the most carnal of ways. On her back, Lovita moans as Sam gives her one last fuck before pulling out and delivering a mouthful of cum for Ivi to share with Lovita so the girls can play with their treat.

Date: July 9, 2024

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