Our Graduation Present – S4:E4


Liz Jordan and Hailey Rose are discussing their plans for graduation. Hailey claims that she’s going to bring a vibrator in case she gets bored. As they’re chatting, Hailey’s stepbrother Max Fills wanders in using text to speech to say that he’s going to go to graduation naked under his gown. The girls tell him there’s no way he’ll do it, and he dares them to do it as well.Later, the trio are dressed in their graduation robes. Hailey is quietly confessing that she is indeed wearing a vibrator with a remote control when Max asks whether the girls have gone nude. Liz takes that opportunity to grab the remote and turn the toy on. Max pops an instant boner, and Hailey asks if she can peek under his robe to see it. She likes what she sees so much that she goes right for a cock feast. Liz initially masturbates, but soon enough she joins the stepsiblings for a graduation threesome.Getting on her knees on the couch, Liz becomes the filling of a stepsibling sandwich as she eats Hailey out and takes a doggy style pussy pounding from Max. Then Hailey climbs on top of Max’s lap and rides him in reverse cowgirl. Liz enjoys a cowgirl ride, and then Hailey takes her place in the middle. On her back, Hailey eats Liz’s snatch while Max fucks her so hard her titties bounce. When Max pulls out, Liz jerks him off until he nuts on Hailey’s body, leaving a treat for the girls to play with back and forth.

Date: July 9, 2024

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