Our Fantasy Date – S5:E8


Alex Coal and Penelope Kay are playing video games while Alex’s stepbrother Max Fills gets pissy at the amount of noise they’re making. They get into it about vintage video games, with Max claiming that the girls are all just pixelated and it’s all stupid. Eventually he storms out, and the girls decide to teach him a lesson.After getting dolled up in cosplay for their favorite characters, Alex and Penelope corner Max in the living room. They want him to see how sexy and hot those female leads really are. After a bit more back and form, they get on their knees and pull his hard dick out to suck it as proof that he’s turned on. As soon as Max is seated on the couch, they take things a step further.Alex gets the first ride in reverse cowgirl, and then Penelope goes for it in cowgirl while Alex watches and masturbates. Penelope gets her pussy pumped on her back as Alex cradles her girlfriend’s head in her lap. On her knees, Alex gets dicked down by her stepbro in doggy while she eats Penelope out. When Max pulls out, Penelope is there for him to cum in her mouth so she and Alex can swap spit and exchange cummy kisses.

Date: July 9, 2024

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