My Mom And Your Mom Wont Get Along – S2:E2


Anya Olsen is overprotective of her stepson, Joshua Lewis. She’s in the middle of telling her friend Lindsay Lee about how Joshua got in trouble for being in the girls bathroom. Anya tries to defend it, but it’s quickly revealed that Anya holds Joshua’s dick when he pees. Bemused, Lindsay calls her stepson Lucky Fae to come in along with Joshua.The boys give different accounts of what happened, with Joshua claiming he was pushed and with Lucky claiming Joshua was actually fucking a teacher. When Anya immediately jumps to Joshua’s defense, Lindsay realizes how kinky her friend is. She suggests that Anya teach Lucky a thing or two about sex since Lucky thinks he’s a gift to women. The girls agree to swap stepsons and both get their kink on. Lindsay takes Joshua to the couch, where she begins sucking him down. In return, Anya gets busy with Lucky’s stiffie.The moms aren’t about to just suck dick. They both want their pussies licked, so they lay down shoulder to shoulder and let the other’s stepson go to work. Eventually Lucky sinks deep into Anya’s snatch as she kneels and watches over her shoulder, while Lindsay climbs on top of Joshua’s hardon. The girls each go for a reverse cowgirl ride and then get shoulder to shoulder once again so that Lucky can give it to Anya and Joshua can give it to Lindsay. As the guys each pull out to cum, the girls agree they should do this again.

Date: July 9, 2024

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