Mary Got Popped In – S3:E8


Mary Pop once watched over Brock Doom, but now that Brock is grown and has kids of his own he finds that he needs someone to help him out with his son, Seth Gamble. Seth refuses to take responsibility for his messes despite his dad asking him to clean up after himself. As Brock is contemplating his next move, Mary Pop appears and tells him to take a few days off while she takes care of Seth. Brock agrees, and Mary goes to work. She starts by snapping her fingers to summon Seth to the living room. Confused, Seth looks around as he tries to understand what happened and where he is. He recognizes Mary, who now explains that she’s here to whip him into shape. She gets him to clean up the living room, then snaps her fingers to send them to the laundry room so Seth can wash his clothes. Seth is still being difficult, so Mary decides to entice him by magicking herself into a sexy maid uniform. Seth is suddenly feeling a little more charitable to Mary’s wants, especially when Mary comments on how dirty he is before snapping him into the bathtub. She helps Seth bathe, especially his dick as it grows hard for her. After stroking Seth to a big stiffie, Mary takes them back to the living room where she lays down on the couch and says it’s time to clean her up, too.Seth isn’t about to let Mary Pop down, so he settles in between her thighs and goes to work with his tongue. She’s nice and wet for him, especially as she pulls her panties to the side and then tugs her bra down so she can pinch her own nipples as Seth eats her out. After blowing Seth to make sure he’s still clean from his bath, Mary gets out of her panties and climbs on top of Seth’s dick. She rides him for a bit, then gets down on her hands and knees so he can take her doggy style. When Mary rolls over and lifts one leg high so Seth can really work her cream filled fuck hole, he does anything it takes to make her cum before he pulls out and pops on her belly. With a snap of her fingers, Mary conjures a spoon that she uses to spoon Seth’s cum into her mouth.

Date: July 9, 2024

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