Married With Issues To Have And To Hold – S3:E6


Peg joins Al in the living room to remind him that she has needs. Al is reluctant at first, but eventually he agrees to go pussy diving once he peels off Peg’s leggings. Pulling Peg’s thong to the side, Al proves he’s still got it. His fingers join the party, pumping in and out of Peggy’s twat as he works her clit with his tongue. By the time Peg has relieved herself of all her clothes, she’s all wet and ready for Al to give it to her.Al isn’t hesitant any more as he whips out his hardon and slides on in. He’s done a good job with his prep work and Peg is nice and wet with her nipples hard as rocks for him to play with. Peg is happy to reward Al for his hard work when he needs a break. She gobbles down his fuck stick, deep throating him until she can kiss his ball sac. Then she has Al hold his hardon still as she slides down on top for a stiffie ride in her greedy snatch. She keeps it up while Al rubs her clit until she explodes with delight.All is all for his wife doing all the work, but he likes to be in charge too. They switch to doggy style so he can drive her face right into the couch. Eventually Peg lifts a leg to the side to change up the angle of penetration, which drives Al wild. He blows his load while he’s still buried in Peg’s twat, giving her a creampie just in time for Bud to come join them on the couch and stick his hand in the puddle they’ve left behind.

Date: July 9, 2024

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