Lets Breed Our Swap Daughter – S7:E3


What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Harley King walks in on her swap mom Jessica Starling as she’s getting dressed. Jessica assures Harley that she would never let her swap son, Tyler Cruise, see her naked, and Harley compliments Jessica’s boobs. Jessica asks if Harley wants to feel her boobs, which leads to Harley confessing that she wants boobs like those but she’ll never get them without getting pregnant. Jessica knows just how to get Harley some sperm.Once Jessica has gotten dressed, the girls go downstairs to where Tyler and his swap dad Clark Kent are hanging out. Jessica works fast, telling the boys that Harley is going to have a baby. The guys congratulate Harley, but Jessica corrects them that she’s not pregnant yet. The guys are going to be the dads. Clark is on board right away, while Tyler needs the incentive of sucking Jessica’s big boobies before he agrees.Harley goes right to it blowing Clark’s hardon while Jessica gives Tyler the same treatment. Then Harley climbs onto Clark’s lap and rides him in cowgirl as Jessica lays down so Tyler can sink balls deep into her cooch. The girls swap partners so that Jessica can ride Clark in reverse cowgirl while Harley gets on her knees to take Tyler in doggy. Jessica wants to get fucked on her knees and Clark is happy to oblige even as Harley rolls over to keep banging Tyler on her back. Tyler gives it to his swap sis until he blows, filling her with cum. A moment later, Clark takes over fucking Harley so he can nut into her twat, too. Filled with a double creampie, Harley lays on her shoulders to keep all that sperm inside.

Date: July 9, 2024

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