Friends With Benefits The One With Monica And Rachel – S4:E1


After the impromptu lesbian threesome, Monica lets herself into Rachel’s apartment to clean up. Rachel walks in on Monica and they’re just starting to reminisce when Joey sneaks into Rachel’s place to help himself to some food. He insists the girls must have been talking about him, and while Monica denies it Rachel has other plans. She talks dirty to Joey, implying that they had just been talking about fucking him. Eventually Monica’s plan works as he draws both her and Rachel into a kiss that they all know will ultimately lead to a three-way.The girls pop Joey’s hard dick out of his pants and marvel at the size as they take turns stroking and sucking. Now that they’ve demonstrated that they know how to share, the girls take turns working their way out of their clothes. Monica is the first to climb aboard while Rachel slides her panties aside and rubs her clit at the sight. Joey makes sure to give Monica what’s coming to her as he lays her down on the couch and slides right inside.Taking Rachel doggy style as Monica goes back to watching, Joey keeps on living his dreams. Rachel tugs Monica close, then fills her mouth with Monica’s titties as she rubs Monica’s pussy down. Monica climbs onto Joey’s fuck stick to give him a reverse cowgirl ride as Rachel masturbates at the sight. The moment Monica reaches her satisfaction, Joey pulls out so Rachel can jack him off all over Monica’s bush to finalize their threesome.

Date: July 9, 2024

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