Facts Of Lust Truth Or Dare – S2:E8


Nat and Jo are playing Truth or Dare and Jo has picked truth. Nat asks how many guys Jo has had sex with and Jo admits to fucking her boyfriend. Blair finds them and mocks them for playing Truth or Dare without any boys because it’s a game that’s only played if you want to get laid. Blair asks Nat if she’s trying to have sex with Jo and Nat denies nothing. Jo is confused about how two girls would have sex, so Blair joins in on the game and asks Jo if she wants Truth or Dare. When Jo says dare, Blair leans in and gives her a big smooch that is followed closely by Nat doing the same.Soon the three girls are working each other’s clothes off as Blair and Nat feel up Jo’s increasingly wet pussy. Jo’s boobs are soft beneath her would-be lovers’ fingertips Next thing Jo knows, she’s cuddled up next to Blair with Nat on her belly with her tongue going to town on Jo’s bare slit. Nat is an equal opportunity lover, so she makes sure to hike up Blair’s miniskirt and give her busty blonde friend plenty of attention, too. Soon, Jo is happily riding Nat’s mouth while Blair eats her fill of Nat’s creamy sex.The girls are totally into it and not even trying to hold the moan as they enjoy themselves, but Mrs. Garrett becomes suspicious. When she checks it out, the girls have just enough time to hide under the covers and avoid getting caught. As soon as Mrs. Garrett leaves, they resume their threesome until they’re each on the brink. Lining up on the bed and hooking their arms over each other’s legs, they rub one another’s clits until they each climax. That’s when Mrs. Garrett returns and catches all three girls in the act. She groudns them and claims she’ll bring in boys from the military acadamy to keep the girls in line.

Date: July 9, 2024

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