Big Bang The Orgasmic Dissension – S4:E4


Penny and Leonard are looking to take their relationship to the next level by asking Sheldon to move out so they can have more time together. They order Japanese food to help soften him up, then broach the subject. Sheldon takes things more calmly than they were expecting, but he does bring up their roommate agreement. When they moved in together, Leonard signed an agreement stating that if he asked Sheldon to move out over a girl, Sheldon would get to have sex with the girl while Leonard watched. Penny agrees.Sheldon lets Penny know that per the roommate agreement she must start with fellatio while Leonard watches. She obediently pulls out Sheldon’s dick and starts sucking. Then she peels off her mini skirt and thong and climbs onto Sheldon’s dick to ride him right in front of Leonard. Penny may not want Sheldon to live with her, but she sure does love the way his cock feels buried inside her meaty pussy.Getting onto her hands and knees, Penny rocks back into Sheldon’s strokes. She can’t get enough of him, so she rolls over and spreads her thighs so he can keep on dominating her. Making dominant eye contact with Penny, Sheldon cums in a creampie that leaves Leonard pissed about his friend’s motivation. Sheldon tries to explain that it’s revenge for a dream that Amy had, leaving Leonard frustrated that Sheldon can’t tell a dream from reality.

Date: July 9, 2024

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