A Sweet Taste – S2:E12


April has secretly fantasized about making her close friend Sara cum, and when Sara’s man leaves her for another woman April finally has the opportunity to seduce her vulnerable friend.The scene is set with wine on the terrace and a beautiful overlook that is made for romance. An exchange of tender smiles gives April the opening to make the first move, a gentle touch that lets Sara know how much passion could blossom between them. Uncertain but willing, Sara allows herself to become lost in the moment and follows her friend inside.They fall to the couch with a sumptuous kiss as April slowly peels her friend’s clothes off to reveal her ripe tender flesh. Sara’s nipples pucker in the cool air as her desire builds. April kisses her way down Sara’s body until she reaches her friend’s sweet wet pussy and draws it into her mouth to suckle its tender lips until Sara arches her back and succumbs to April’s ministrations in an explosion of pleasure.Eager to return the favor, Sara changes positions with April and goes down on her friend. Her carnal instincts make up for her lack of experience as she worships April’s clit in short bursts with her talented tongue. Consumed by desire, April revels in the perfection of the moment until she is overcome by her incredible orgasm.

Date: July 9, 2024

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